Tumblr Themes Here’s some photobooth pictures of my finished Slick arm since we didn’t wind up getting a photoshoot in at Katsucon, we’ll probably do one soon once I find my way back down to baltimore, just got to spiff up some small parts of my costume and add a few more buttons to Christy’s Snowman Jacket.
Materials used
A black t shirt, black elastic, puffy fabric paint in silver black and red, latchhook mesh, craft foam, hot glue, googly eyes, black and red cords to look like wire, mod podge, spraypaint, black gesso, and silver acrylic. 
I plan to add some more wires, some rust weathering, and hopefully a few LEDs!
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Anonymous asked: You've probably been asked this before, so I apologize in advance, but what makeup do you use for your troll cosplays?


No actually! I’m only ever asked this question at cons, and I’ve never really posted it on my tumblr, so you’re the first to ask online!

I’ve been meaning to do a makeup review eventually, since I’ve tried a shit ton of different make ups for the three frick frackin years I’ve been doing troll cosplay, but I think it’s safe to say that I’ve found Mehron grease stick makeup has got to be my favorite for coverage, application speed, and long lastingness.


So far Christy and I have collected and experimented with four of the shades of grey. White, Moon white (which is like an off white grey), a light cool grey I can’t remember the color name of (it’s good but it’s usually too light), Monster grey (A very dark grey). Most of these have to be blended, though Christy has used straight light grey (not moon) and only used monster grey for contouring. It looks great but I prefer my make up to be a bit darker, as to match my armsocks and because the baby powder tends to lighten it a shade.

I own a stick of moon white, and a stick of monster grey, I usually apply like 80% moon white, with 20% monster grey smeared around, then I blend it out to be even, and do contouring with both light and dark.

After that I seal with 203994204934093 lbs of baby powder, making sure NONE of the paint is greasy to the touch, brush off excess baby powder gently with a powder brush, and do 2-3 LIGHT coats of hairspray. I used the think the more hairspray the better, but I found that my make up would flake if it became to solid because of the spray. If it winds up too sticky after that another round of baby powder. It’s better to rub a thin spot of baby powder onto your clothes/someone else rather than heavy grease make up.

I’ve been meaning to make a tutorial/make up review for AGES but ugh, so lazy.

I’m going to be doing a better tutorial of this later, but I figured it’d be good to reblog this here!

Tumblr Themes This thing is ALMOST acceptable. The lace is long enough, the skirt is shaped, the lining is cut, I just need to finalize the dye on the “grey” fabric (it needs to be black) and do some serious sewing and gathering. Yeaaaaaah. I got this.
Tumblr Themes This train alone is already 8ft.
This train alone is already 8 ft.
This damn train, is already 8 feet long.
Tumblr Themes These might just be the patterns, but I’m so excited to have this stuff finished!
This whole costume is going to be so much fun to wear!
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A friendly reminder that most house hold hand sanitizers (purrell and such) do very well to help dissolve glues should you get them on your skin! Especially super glue (as I did last night) and spray adhesive (as I did ten minutes ago). Goo be gone might work better but Purrell is at least 100% safe on your skin.

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mischievousshota asked: you are going to katsucon? have you gone before and what is it like? this will be my first year going to katsucon and i'm not sure what to expect(i've only been to cons in orlando and atlanta so i don't know if northern cons are a little different.

Yup! Both of us are going to Katsucon! Both Miranda and I have been going to Katsucon for 3 years now and every time it’s a lot of fun! Lots of very friendly people, helpful staff and an absolutely beautiful location!

I don’t know if it’s necessarily different from any other con, but Katsu is a 24 hour con, so there’s something going on no matter how late you stay up! It’s a different kind of con from the other conventions I’ve gone to in the area, but each of them are distinctly different from one another anyway? Otakon is much more boisterous then say, Connecticon or ANext, they’re both very different from AnimeBoston or New York City Comic-con, so it’ll be an experience in of itself.

I will warn you now though, it WILL be cold! It’s going to stay around the freezing point all weekend, though this according to current forecasts, so don’t hold me to it’s accuracy! It’s been windy, so there’ll be some windchill as well, so bring something warm to wear for outside use, but there’s an enormous space indoors that the con center occupies, but everything in the area is walking distance (CVS? It’s a max of four blocks down and two over. Burger joint?? Three or so?).

Is there something specific that you’re concerned about?

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themidnightsleuth asked: I really love your Spades cosplay! So sad I can't make it to Katsucon because of money issues. Anyway, just thought I'd say congrats on making my favorite character come to life! Thanks and I hope to see more cosplay soon, whether it's Spades or not.

Ahhh, thank you! Sorry you couldn’t make it to Katsu, but hopefully next time!

We’ve a lot of plans for further cosplays, so keep an eye out for them after the Katsu rush! :>

Tumblr Themes I’m not sure what this photoset is doing  it was misbehaving but! I spent some time today doing a Spades Slick make up test for Katsucon! I actually have to go buy an eyepatch today lol, by the time I got to the store yesterday they were closed. Not the best scar I’ve done to date, but definitely the best facial hair.
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Purification in progress

Highlight shots from our OFF shoot sunday of Otakon, more to come!
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